Assignment from Lady Helena

I was very horny and had a desperate need to stroke today. In the early evening, I decided to do some kinky activities to take my mind off a bit. Just as I was planning, what to do, I received an email from Lady Helena. We had been exchanging mails since She had let me cum and She had been asking about details of my chastity and obviously was enjoying my suffering.
This time, She had responded with an assignment that I was more than happy to do! She allowed me to edge three times and described a hot foot-fetish theme that I was to fantasize about. I decided to take it a little further and so, I placed a pair of boots in front of my bed and chained my collar to the bedpost. While I was kissing and licking the boots like She had described, I stroked my cock and it didn't take too long until I reached the first edge. I stopped and let the precum drip onto the boots. Then I continued to do the other edges in the same way, always licking the precum from the boots.

When I was finished with Lady Helena's assignment, I was in the mood to continue the kinky games and set up my little spankingmachine. For the first time, I tried a small looped cane and I immediately liked it. The feeling was the right mixture off thud and sting and the first test-strokes already left nice welts. I think it must have been around 200 strokes before I stopped to check my cheeks in the mirror. Judging from previous sessions with a straight cane, I had expected to see my skin starting to break at some places, but to my delight, it was still intact. There were some nice welts, some red, others turning slightly blue. I think I found the perfect instrument now.
I briefly thought about stopping at that point, but decided, that Lady Helena certainly wouldn't and so, I took another round of maybe 200 strokes. My cheeks and sitting-sports are covered in nice welts now and I'll probably still feel that tomorrow. I hope I will...

As a last step, I locked myself into my ballet-boots for the rest of the evening. I had stretched my feet while I was watching TV during the last days and I noticed that it already helped a bit and I was able to take a few cautious steps. Finally, I replied to Lady Helena, told Her about my evening and thanked Her for the assignment. I hope She'll like what I did...

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