End of my sissy-assignment

Today was the last day of my 72 hour edging marathon. I took the last opportunity while doing my mantra this morning and edged 3 more times. I lost count of the total number, but it must have been at least 25 edges...
In the afternoon, my Owner answered my cleaning report. She still thinks, that my work-room could be more organized. She gave me time to work on that without punishing me, so this is what I will focus on the next days. I like it, that She tells me, where I can improve. It helps me to become more perfect for Her!
I was still at work and She didn't skip the opportunity to tease me with one of the playground-triggers. This time, She had me stand motionless like a mannequin in front of a window for 3 minutes. This was easier to follow than the barking last time and I enjoyed obeying Her command!
I also begged there for a chance to reduce my ruined-orgasm-count a bit. I offered to go a week without touching for each ruined orgasm She allows me to have. I hope, that she won't make me have too many, but of course, it's only Her decision and I will obey without complaining.

One of the daily instructions for today was to listen to Point of Impact. I had listened to this session before, but I couldn't remember, what it was about and the description didn't tell much, either. I was surprised all the more as from the first moment I heard Her words, they sounded familiar. It felt a little strange, I didn't know what She would say next, but I knew every sentence the moment She said it. This helped me to fall very deep very quickly, as I didn't need to concentrate on the meanings of Her words at all and I just could let myself fall.
The session itself is a reinforcement of Her most important triggers. Triggers to fall deeper, to obey, to become horny... when I woke up after what seemed much less than the 50 minutes of the session, I felt twice as obedient and submissive than before.

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  1. very nice
    love your blog and your devotion to Your Mistress