More chastity ahead

When I woke up this morning, I checked my emails like every day and found, that Lady Helena had answered to my report for Her assignment from Friday. She wrote, that I'm doing very well and that She's impressed by my submission. Reading that sent a shiver down my spine and made me very happy. It confirmed me in my expectation, that She would tell me to cum and I would have to disobey Her, because of my chastity week. But to my surprise, She wrote that She wants me to prove my obedience by submitting to a week of no touching for Her.
Since I already am in chastity, I offered to extend it by a week for Her. I know, that two weeks without touching will be hard, but I want to do this to prove my devotion to Domina Shelle and Lady Helena.
Lady Helena also wants me to listen to Victim of the Succubus at bedtime each day during the chastity week. She said, she wants to visit me in my dreams... I don't know this file, yet, but the description sounds hot. I don't have erotic dreams very often and I would love to have more, so I'll start to listen this night already...

In the afternoon, Domina Shelle sent out the new monthly training file for Her contracted slaves. It came in two versions and I listened to one of them in the evening. She talked about how I had listened to other hypnotists before I found Her and how it all had been just a fantasy. She told, how everything changed when I heared Her voice for the first time and I fell for Her, how She seduced me and took control over my mind.
I was surprised how close everything She said matched my journey, as if the file had been custom-made for me. I wonder if all Her slaves had the same experience as me.
She didn't skip the opportunity to make me horny and encouraged me to stroke. But of course, I kept my hands away, although it was difficult. I wonder, what the other version will be like, I'll listen to it tomorrow...
Domina Shelle also wrote, that She'll send out a new chastity assignment soon. It seems like my chastity might get even longer than two weeks, but if it pleases Her, it will make me happy, too!

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