She's in my dreams

I dreamed of my Owner last night! In this dream, She made me lick my cum from Her feet and afterwards, She pulled my head between Her legs and told me to make Her cum, too. It was a lot like the scene, She describes in Collar me Hard.
I woke up very horny and wanted to stroke, so I checked the daily instructions, hoping for permission. Unfortunately, today was a day without touching and so, I started my day a little frustrated.
I checked my emails while having breakfast and found an answer from Domina Shelle. She didn't allow me to work off some of my ruined orgasms, but She was pleased with the amount of edges I had done and deducted one from my count for that. She wrote, that there are some assignments coming, that will be hard for me. This sounds so hot! I'm looking forward to it so much and can't wait to find out, what She will make me do!

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  1. looking forward to reading your next adventure and assignment