A day full of teasing

Today was the second day of my sissy-assignment. I started my day with my mantra and while doing that, I was allowed to play inside my panties.
In the afternoon, I quickly checked my emails during a short break at work and only a few seconds later, Domina Shelle wrote me. She knew, that I would probably read her email at work and she used that opportunity to have a little fun with me. Her sexy words made sure, that my cock grew hard and the bulge in my pants was effectively confining me to my desk. She ended the email with one of Her playground triggers, the one that makes me want to bark...
The urge to bark was strong and I tried to distract my mind from my arousal, so I could get up from my desk and find some privacy. Being in this predicament turned me on and it was difficult to let my cock go limp. I finally rushed to the nearest meeting-room when I had the opportunity, still with a slight bulge in my pants and once there, I quietly barked for my Owner. I liked this predicament and knowing, that my Owner has fun, makes me happy!
When I was back home, I continued with my assignment. I was to kneel down naked and tease myself very slowly, just enough to keep me hard. I did this for half an hour, before I couldn't take it any more. I needed more stimulation and luckily, I was allowed 3 edges today. So I did the first one after only a short break. It didn't take long to get there and stopping early enough took all my willpower.
I had to repeat the slow teasing once more and this time, I edged twice afterwards. I have spent most of the evening with teasing myself and I'll go to bed very horny. Tomorrow will be a day without touching and I have the feeling, that this will be difficult after today...

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