A very sore bottom

Last night, i had the first session with Lady Helena using my upgraded spanking-machine. We had had to reschedule it from last week, so we were both really excited to finally put it in use.

I have never been so nervous before a session, because i knew that with the redesigned spanking-bench, i would be very helpless.
While we were talking about this and that, i got into position and strapped my legs to the posts.
The bench has an electromagnet at the front and i had connected a pair of fist-mitts to the ring on the strike-plate. I can close the mitts with my teeth, but when they are locked to the magnet, the raised board prevents me from reaching them with my mouth.
I had also tied a dildo to that board like Lady Helena had instructed. It was in the perfect position for me to suck it.

CLICK... a rush went through my body when Lady Helena locked my hands in place. I tested my bounds a bit, but i was unable to move much, i was now totally at my Commander's mercy!

I heared a motor, but i was unable to tell if the spanking-machine was getting armed or going up or down. We continued to talk and suddenly the first stroke hit me on my ass. I hadn't heared the swish of the cane and screamed from surprise.
Lady Helena laughed, She loves to cane me when i'm distracted.
I heared the motor twice and knew that i would now experience the first stroke on my thighs, but i didn't know to which height the machine was set now.
A moment later i felt the pain explode on the mid of my thighs and i could immediately feel a welt rise. My scream earned me a mocking remark from Lady Helena about how sensitive my thighs are. I could hear from Her voice, how much She was enjoying Herself already. Had i bitten off more than i could chew? For a moment, i considered to beg Her to go a bit easier on my thighs, but She was enjoying Herself so much, so i decided to clench my teeth and suffer for Her.

Now the session started. Lady Helena told me to imagine Her sitting on Her throne with Her strap-on. She told me to lick the dildo, kiss it, suck it... with Her voice in my ears and me concentrating on Her words and on worshiping the dildo, i didn't hear the sound of the motor most of the times. I soon lost any clue were the cane would hit me next. Lady Helena is excellent in finding just the right moment when i'm distracted and surprise me with the next stroke.

My jaws started to ache after a while of sucking the dildo and i was very relieved when my Commander allowed me a rest while i was reciting my mantra. Of course there was no rest for my ass... Lady Helena stayed quiet and listened to my mantra and so, i was able to hear the motor. She later told me, that She could Her the fear in my voice every time.

She alternated between having me mantra and sucking the dildo. I was surprise how much having my mouth stuffed helped me process the pain.
About half way through our session, the endorphins started to kick in. The pain faded to the background and each stroke started a firework in my head. I was feeling good and hearing my Commander enjoy Herself so much made me proud and ready to go on as long as She would decide.

All good things come to an end and so did our session. But Lady Helena wouldn't be Her if She had just let me go. My headset had slipped off twice early in the session and She had to release my hands to readjust it and now i was staying locked in position for a while as a punishment. She instructed me to keep sucking the dildo and hung up.
I was so high on endorphins that i went on as if our session was still running. I had no clue how much time had passed, when i suddenly heared the spanking-machine. The following seconds were the scariest of all. No clue when or were i would be hit and how hard it would be. Would She continue to spank me without me having a way to communicate?
The stroke landed in the middle of my cheeks, then i heared a click and my hands were free. I removed the fist-mitts and felt my ass and thighs. Wow! One welt next to the other, i needed to see that in the mirror. I quickly got up from my kneeling postition... at least i tried to... i had not expected how sore my behind was. Every movement hurt and i could barely lift my leg to get into my panties. For a moment i was a bit shocked, but then i began to like it.

Today, the welts have transformed into lovely red stripes and the pain has subsided to a very enjoyable level. I still feel it whenever i sit down, but it doesn't hinder me much in my daily activities. I even regret, that my other thigh didn't get hit as much, i think i need to position myself better next time...


Now that Domina Shelle has released one of the files She gifted me for our anniversary, i want to tell you about my experiences with it.
The file is called Sissygasm - Hypnoclitty. I don't remember the induction, which is a clue how effective it was, first thing i can remember is that i paused the session to get prepared. I dressed up, pushed a butt-plug in and went back to listening. Although this distracted me a bit, i fell back into trance very quickly. But next time i will be prepared from the start.
Domina instructed me to arouse myself, stimulate my nipples and i was quickly getting very horny. Then She finally allowed me to slide my hands into my panties and rub. No stroking, just rubbing. I first rubber at the base of my cock, but soon my hand slid down further until i was rubbing the spot between my balls and my sissy hole. It felt amazing.
When She allowed me to cum, it started as a mental orgasm like i had experienced before, but as i increased the pressure on the spot behind my balls, my cum suddenly started to ooze out.
I was totally surprised, i hadn't expected that. It felt a little strange, since the cum was flowing out without my muscles contracting. I was experiencing something like the other half of a ruined orgasm, which left me even hornier than before...

3 years as a slave

Sunday was my 3 year anniversary as Domina Shelle's contracted slave. I'm very grateful for being trained by Her. She does not only train me to be a useful slave for Her, i have also become a happier and more successful person in my vanilla life.
Of course i sent Her presents and in return, i had the honor to preview two of Her sessions that will be released soon. I will not reveal any details before they get released, only so much: i want to listen again and again...

Another update is about my spanking-machine. In my last session with Lady Helena, it didn't work correctly which earned me an extra punishment and the task to fix it. Needless to say, that i was very motivated to get it right...
I first upgraded the motor-driver circuit. It's now twice as fast (only 10 seconds between strokes) and a lot less noisy. I also fixed a bug in the software that had reduced the acceleration of the cane.
A quick test at low to medium levels proofed that the strokes are harder now. I had to stop after about 30 strokes, because my skin had started to break and i didn't want to be too sore. I still had marks for almost a week... the better the machine is getting, the more it becomes a problem, that the strokes always land in the same area. I can move my ass a bit for variation, but not much and i also can't tie myself as securely as i would like.
After a bit of searching, i found a motorcycle-lift that was exactly the right size to mount the spanking-machine onto. Coupling the crank to a motor was easy and after modifying the software a bit, it's now online controllable.
The machine can now be positioned to hit from my ass-cheeks down to the middle of my thighs and with the modifications i have done to the spanking-bench, i will be unable to move away.
I can't wait to test it with Lady Helena, although i'm a bit afraid of my thigh getting caned...