I'm a little scared...

Although my Owners were both pleased with my cleaning report, Lady Helena said, that our session on Thursday will be fun... for Her. Domina Shelle also hinted, that i might not like what Lady Helena will do to me. I had asked Lady Helena to test my pain limits, but this sounds like She is going to push me really hard. On the one hand, this turns me on. I'm fantasizing about a hard spanking, but Lady Helena knows my weak spots and i'm a little scared that She might use them against me.
My nipples are already sore from three days of torture and i know that they will be very sensitive until Thursday. I'm sure, that Lady Helena will not spare them.

So i will prepare myself mentally for a hard punishment and i know that i deserve it, because i have been lazy and disobedient.

Painful chores

My flat is spic and span again and i have learned my lesson... my maid-uniform with all the ruffles and the 6" heels is already hindering my movements on a normal cleaning day, but with my nipples clamped and the large butt-plug in it was worse than i had expected.
I did the first part of my cleaning on Saturday. After getting dressed, i slid in the plug. It's around 5cm wide, but with a good amount of lube, it was no problem to get in. When i clamped my nipples, i was surprised how sore they felt. Domina Shelle had instructed me to twist and pinch them during our session on Friday, but it hadn't felt that hard back then...
I started cleaning and immediately noticed, that due to the amount of ube i had used, it was difficult to keep the plug in. I finally secured it with a crotch-rope, but this had the effect to push on the plug whenever i bent over.
With some breaks to give my nipples a rest, i managed to do the laundry and half of the rooms. I would do the rest on Sunday.

Now i had finally time to listen to The Eraser a second time. I don't remember much of the brainwashing part, but i remember very well how horny the session made me. The file contains instructions to stroke and cum, but my new chastity rules didn't allow me to touch. Instead i was humping the air, desperate to have at least some of the pleasure and in fact, every time Domina said 'cum!', it brought me almost to the edge.

I started the Sunday morning with a hot soothing shower, but as i soaped my body and ran my hands over my chest, i almost screamed. My nipples were so sore already, cleaning would be even more difficult today.
Before starting with my chores, i quickly checked my emails. There was one from Lady Helena. Domina had instructed me to ask Her for a session and She had already responded and suggested Thursday. It wouldn't be Lady Helena if She hadn't added a little twist. For the next five days i will have to wear clamps on my already sore nipples for at least 15 minutes. My nipples will be very very sore on Thursday and i know that She will take advantage of that...

I finished the rest of my chores, but had to take longer breaks. My nipples were killing me and i was very relieved when i finally finished. But i am grateful for the pain. I have learned my lesson and am back on track as my Owners' sissy-maid...

Stricter chastity

There has been no update from me for a while... my job had kept me busy and i was mentally exhausted in the evenings. I had started to feel less submissive and to neglect my maid duties.
I knew this had to change, but i was simply to stressed to do anything about it.
Then last weekend, Domina released Her newest session from the re-from school series, it's a lesson about submission, just what i had needed. It included the assignment to reflect what submission means for me and write Her an email about the topic.
I wrote how i had experienced the last few weeks and also that i had noticed how stroking on my own had been detrimental for my submissive feelings. I suggested to try how it would affect me if i would only permitted to touch during a call with Her or Lady Helena.

We had planned a call for Thursday, Domina Shelle had said that She wanted to try to make me cum from nipple-torture and we were also going to discuss new chastity rules. Unfortunately, the circumstances didn't allow us to talk freely, so we only chatted a bit and planned a new session for Friday.
I have been conditioned to Her voice that i had slipped into a light trance while we were talking. She didn't have to count me down or anything and when She suddenly told me to tell Her something about my life, i was unable to really think about it and just told Her the first thing that crossed my mind. I confessed, that i had neglected my maid duties. I had cleaned up a bit before the call, but my flat had been a mess and still not all rooms were presentable. I promised to clean everything this weekend and She made very clear that She inspected me to have everything flawless until Sunday evening.

Before ending the call, She also was so generous to send me the new training file for Her contracted slaves already, i had the honor to be the first slave to have it!
I don't want to spoil too much, but i think it's safe to tell that it's about slave laws. She tries a new technique in this session and while it didn't feel like i had been hypnotized very deeply, it was very effective. Even now, on Saturday morning, the rules of behavior that She taught me are going around in my head...

On Friday evening, it was finally playtime. As always, we chatted a bit at first, but then, Domina's voice slightly changed and i knew, that our session had begun. I'm not completely sure about the order of events, but i'll try to recall it as best as i can...
She told me to get a butt-plug, one that would stretch my hole and so i took the biggest one that i'd be able to insert without warming up first. I slowly worked it in, it hurt a bit and was slightly uncomfortable. For a moment, i thought that i should have chosen a slighly smaller size, but now i had to go through with it.
Domina Shelle allowed me to lie down on my bed and stroke while She had me tell Her how much i love my ass-hole being stretched and soon i relaxed and enjoyed myself. After a few minutes, She had me get my biggest dildo and while i was still stroking, She instructed me how to lick it, kiss the tip and finally suck it and all the time, She had me confirm that i love it, as good as i could with the dildo in my mouth...
I was almost getting near the edge, when She told me to stop sucking and rub the dildo against my sissy-clitty. I took me a while to figure out a technique that felt good, but i couldn't enjoy it for long, because Domina Shelle instructed me to slap my cock with the dildo. "Do it as hard as Lady Helena would...". I hate slapping my cock and balls, but my Owners love it and so once again i didn't hold back. My mind was screaming "not so hard!", but i was just obeying and my hands acting on their own.
I was finally allowed to suck the dildo again, but this time without stroking. I moaned and made slurping noises while Domina Shelle had me tell Her how much i love sucking Her strap-on and being fucked with it. Yes, i loved it and at first i didn't noticed when She slowly switched from talking about the dildo to referring to a real cock. I felt humiliated when i finally got aware of it, i never had a desire for male cocks, but still i kept repeating what She told me to say.
I could tell how much my Owner loved to humiliate me in this way. She told me how She'd tie me up and let Her slaves fuck me from both ends. My face had turned red from the humiliation and i was sweating, but somehow it also turned me on to be humiliated this way.
She continued to tell how i would be fucked repeatedly and filled with cum and i had to tell Her that i like it.
She finally let me stop and pull my butt-plug out, but only to have me fuck myself with the dildo. I was allowed to stroke again, when Domina suddenly began to talk about new chastity rules. I had been so overwhelmed by the session so far, that i had forgotten about my proposal!
Domina informed me, that from now on, it's not my cock anymore. It's Her's and Lady Helena's property and i may only touch it for sanitary reasons. I will only be permitted to stroke during a call with my Owners or with very explicit instructions, but i am to ignore all stroking instructions in a file or general assignments.

We ended the playtime without me being allowed an edge. The stroking and humiliation had only served to make me very horny, but Domina Shelle was still about to top it. She told me about video material She had been recording and even sent me two short clips. In one of them, She is wearing sexy Italian boots and swinging a crystal pendant. I have a very similar pair and in one of our next sessions, She will guide me through worshiping them.
In the other clip, She's putting on a pair of shoes... but not any pair, it's a pair i bought for Her! I love the clip!
So now i have two short videos showing the sexiest feet and legs in this universe and i'm in strict chastity. Isn't that mean?
She also gave me Her awesome new file The Eraser. I felt very honored to be the first slave to have it. She's always so good to me and of course, i will send Her a tribute for all that kindness!

I figure i should start cleaning now, there's a lot of work to do. Domina has instructed me to wear the largest butt-plug and nipple-clamps while i'm cleaning which will probably slow me down a bit...
I will write about the new file and how the cleaning went later this weekend..