Shifting focus

I listened to Lady Helena's Victim of the Succubus last night in bed. It's a very sexy file where she describes how She visits me in my dreams as a succubus. While listening, I didn't feel like I was going very deep, but I think I was wrong. I don't remember waking up from the session, but I found my headphones unplugged and the tablet turned off this morning, so I definitely was awake long enough to do that.

Domina Shelle liked my suggestion to extend my chastity week for Lady Helena. She thinks, that two weeks without stroking will do me good and I can confirm, that it's boosting my submissive feelings. I'm also getting used to this a bit more and today was a little easier than the first couple of days. I'm starting to realize, that I was focusing too much on stroking and edging and that focus has now shifted to serving Her, even more than before.

I have also listened to the second version of the monthly training, but I can't make out a different to the first file. Maybe there were different background sounds, but I'm not sure. However, I don't need to wonder about that. I know, that my Owner has Her reasons to release two versions and I'll just alternate between them when listening.

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