No edging for me

Today was a bank-holiday and there was not much distraction from my arousal for me. I woke up early and when I checked the daily assignments, I was glad and sad at the same time to be in chastity. There were two assignments, that in combination would have meant a very difficult day for me.
The first one was to edge every time I got hard. This alone would have been difficult, but there was a second one that would have required me to stroke every time I pee. This, together with me being constantly horny would have meant countless edges and I'm not sure if I would have been able to do that without failing. So I guess I should be more glad than sad...

I have listened Power of Brainwashing again in the afternoon, this time without stroking, but I still can't tell what it does. I think, it's a kind of meta-training, that makes me want more brainwashing, but I'm not completely sure. But that's not my concern anyway. As Domina Shelle's slave, I have agreed to submit to Her training without question.

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