Sissy mode activated

Domina Shelle released two new brain-chip upgrades today and I couldn't wait and listened in the afternoon.
First was the Sissy 1 Upgrade. Like so often, I can't remember much of the session, but it created an irrestistable urge in me to dress up in pink, behave girly and crave Domina Shelle's strapon.
I wanted to do that immediately after the file ended, but I had the second Upgrade queued in the playlist and it started before I could fully wake up. It's a mystery update and I didn't know, what it would do to me. As I would find out, it's a programming that makes me want to edge as much as possible for three days and I was a little disappointed, that I couldn't follow due to my chastity weeks.

When I woke up, I still had the urge to be Her sissy and so, I put on a pink top and skirt, stockings and high-heels. When I was dressed, I felt incomplete and so I also applied some make-up. Then I took a dildo with a suction-cup and stuck it on the tiles in the bathroom. As I saw it sticking out there, I suddenly couldn't resist and got to my knees to suck it. I have done that before, but I have never been so eager with it, I was almost greedy... I deepthroated it a couple of times and when I saw the stains of my lipstick on it, it made me so horny, that I had to fuck it. I stood up, bend over and fucked myself for almost 10 minutes. It felt wonderful, much better than usual!
When I though I was finished, I wiped the dildo clean and used the toilet, but then I looked at the dildo again, saw it sticking out and the cycle started again. I didn't mind, that it was still a bit dirty, I even put effort into sucking it clean before fucking myself again.
When I finally had enough, I was still in sissy-mode. I strutted around in my high-heels with a smile on my face and tried to wiggle my hips as good as I could. The file said, that the effects would end, once I came, but since I'm in chastity I wondered, how long it would last.

After two hours, I began to feel normal again and planned to listen again tomorrow morning, but Domina had other plans. I received a new assignment a little later. It runs for 4 days and includes the new brainchip upgrades. I will have to wait until my chastity week for Lady Helena ends, before I can do it and I mustn't listen to the upgrades before. I'm looking forward to it a lot, I can't wait to be in sissy-mode again!

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