Starting the sissy-assignment

Domina Shelle has decided on my punishment for the untidy desk and not ruining my last orgasm. She has added 2 more ruined orgasms to my count and so, I'm back at 8. I think, the punishment fits the crime and I'm going to do my best to avoid any further increase! It's hard to imagine, that it might take until next year, before I can have a full orgasm again!

I could finally start with my sissy-assignment today. I'm going to wear panties, stockings and high-heels at home while for the duration of the assignment. My first task was to listen to Sexual Psychosis. I had already listened to this session some time ago, but didn't remember what it was all about. After taking me into trance, Domina started to turn me on by telling me, how she would tie me to the bed and use my face and tongue for her pleasure. Her moans drove me crazy with arousal and my cock was throbbing. I was desperately waiting for Her stroking instructions and  when she finally allowed me to touch, it felt fantastic! She guided me to the edge, but instead of ruining my orgasm, as the file would have required, my sissy-assignment said, that I was to stop when I'm on the edge.
The file ended soon after and she woke me up. I was still super horny and wondered, why I had forgotten about this wonderful file...

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