Power of Brainwashing

This week's session is called Power of Brainwashing. As always, I only skimmed the description without really paying attention. The decision to buy it had already been made by my subconscious mind. I listened in the afternoon and my Owner's voice took me down quickly. I remember repeating after Her: "Please take me deeper, Domina" and some other sentences and then, the next thing I can recall is waking up. I was stroking my cock slowly and felt absolutely amazing. I stopped stroking without even edging and gave myself a bit more time to wake up completely before I went about my day.
I thought a lot about my Domina for the rest of the day and now, as I write it, I'm having difficulties to decide, which thoughts were part of the session and which were my own. But I don't need to know... I trust my Owner. I know She won't harm me and her training not only turns me into a better slave for Her, it has also improved my life and me as a person...!

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