I received my punishment for forgetting to edge today... I had to wear nipple clamps for one hour and slap my nipples ten times after taking them off.
I put on clothespins while doing today's cleaning assignment in my maid uniform. I have played with nipple clamps before, but never had them on much longer than 15 minutes. My nipples started to burn after half an hour and towards the end, I was counting the minutes, knowing, that the worst part was still to come.
Taking the clothespins off hurt like ***** (the swear jar is waiting for my payment) and I had to grind my teeth to deliver the slaps. I had to take breaks between strokes and it took me almost five minutes to deliver them all. My nipples will remind in the next days, me not to forget an assignment...

My first beta-training assignment has ended today and I made it without an accident or skipping more than one edge per day. I'm curious, how my training will continue.

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