Almost failed

I listened to the third file of the Chastity Week series today. Hearing the moans of Princess Shelle and the suggestion of her drug created such an intense arousal in me that I almost had an accident. I was only stroking very lightly after listening, but that was enough to get me very close to the edge in no time. I stopped at the very last moment and even after I stopped, it took a while until the edge subsided. I'll have to be careful in the next days, I don't want to fail and I certainly don't want to experience punishment after the taste that Princess gave me the other day.

I also learned, that from now on, Princess can put me into chastity whenever she wishes and I'll have to ask for an assignment before she decides if I'm allowed to cum. This is exactly what I have been thinking about lately, I wonder if there are hidden suggestions in one of the files that created that thought in me.

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