Today was the second day of the farm assignment with two sessions to listen to.
I listened to Brainwashed Program 5 in the afternoon. It's quite short, but very powerful nonetheless. My desire to be chaste for Princess is now even stronger than it already was. My chastity offering has ended today, but the thought of begging for an orgasm is far away now.

The second file was Hand Maiden by Lady Helena. This is the first of her sessions I have listened to. I like her voice and the session is so hot! I wished there would be a second file continuing that fantasy. I couldn't help but listen a second time in the evening...

I'm wearing a rubberband around my cock and balls again while I'm writing this. Princess seems to like that a lot more than I do, it's always a test of my obedience. I'm glad, that it's only for 30 minutes this time...

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