Hypnotic Prison

I listened to the new session Hypnotic Prison before I slept yesterday. This one is so powerful! I lay there afterwards, still have in trance, and was thinking about my submission to Princess Shelle.
I listened again this afternoon and after only listening twice, the thought of deleting my porn collection is forming in my mind. I only want to become aroused while thinking of Princess Shelle.

I have been a bit lazy today and didn't watch the time, so I forgot to do my edge at 1pm. When I realized that, I felt so bad! Princess Shelle has taught me, that obedience is pleasure, but today I learned, that this implies, that disobedience feels really bad. I had a big urge to make up for my laziness, so I confessed to Princess and asked for a punishment. I hope that this will make me feel better.
I was quite surprised about these feelings, this is again a prove Princess Shelle's control over me.

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