Living on the edge

Today was difficult... I had not only to edge at the scheduled times, but every time I had to pee.
I had a slight hang-over from yesterday and was quite thirsty, which didn't make things easier. I was lucky, that I was working from home today, so I was undisturbed while stroking.
I also had to wear rubber bands around my cock and balls again, this time for two hours. This is one of those assignments I don't like that much, the rubber bands pinched my skin and it got rather uncomfortable after half an hour. I clenched my teeth and survived the two hours, but taking them off after that was even worse. When it was time for the next edge, my cock still hurt a bit and I had some difficulties to reach the edge.

At one point in the late afternoon, I didn't want to stroke any more. My cock was starting to get sore and with every edge, I was worried that I might stop one stroke to late. The line between edging and cumming has become very thin and I must be very careful not to go to far.

This is such a roller-coaster ride... most of the time, I desperately want to cum and there have been times during the last days, where I felt like I could cum by only thinking about it. Then again, I want to please Princess by staying chaste. I have gone so far already, that I don't want to start all over.
And today added the edging overload to the mix... but regardless how I'm feeling, I love what Princess Shelle does to me.

I have thought about begging for a break from stroking when my training assignment ends on monday, but I'm a bit worried, that the break might become longer than I would want it to be... if I'm allowed a break at all. After all, I asked to feel desperate and frustrated.

The rest of the day was merely a side-notice compared to the edging marathon. I had the instruction to skip my favorite TV show today, so I didn't watch the soccer championship as I would normally have done. In fact, I didn't turn on the TV at all today. No distraction from my arousal from that side...

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