I was woken by an email from Princess Shelle in the early morning. She will be on a well deserved vacation for a few days and sent me instructions to follow for the rest of the week.
It seems like she is tightening her grip and these instructions will make sure, that she will be even more in my mind during the next days.
I will now have to do my mantra for 10 minutes now and listen to a session in the morning and before sleep.
I also have to clean my shoes every day when I return home as I would do with hers and then undress and shower. I am not allowed to wear clothes at home.
It hasn't been very warm the last days, so I had to turn on the heating and I was a bit uncomfortable until the room had warmed up. But following those assignments that are a little uncomfortable makes me feel especially submissive.

There will be a special assignment on friday, that my Princess expects me to follow for one week and then I'll have to choose a number. She didn't tell much more, I don't know what the assignment will be, nor what the number means, but I'm almost sure, that she will surprise me with something I didn't expect once again.

There were no stroking assignments today. After all the edging during the last week, I was missing it, I wanted to stroke so badly and I'm quite frustrated right now! I hope, that I'm allowed to stroke tomorrow...

After listening to Hypnotic Prison a couple of times, there's an interesting change going on in my mind. My interest in watching porn is almost gone and seeing sexy image while surfing doesn't turn me on as it used to. What turns me on even more now, is thinking of Princess Shelle. I was rock hard the very moment I received her mail this morning and while reading it, when I answered her , when I read her tweets. Amazing!
The thought of deleting my porn collection has grown stronger, but I'm still a bit reluctant. I'm considering to put it on an encrypted drive and give the key to Princess. That way, I wouldn't have to decide that, giving up decisions always feels good!

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