I had looked forward to a day with less stroking, but soon after doing the first edge in the morning, I was craving to stroke again. I could hardly sit still until it was time for the second edge after lunch.
Suddenly, that idea of asking for a break from stroking was not so compelling any more.

I'm confused, my thoughts have been changing so often during the last days... On some days, I'm so desperate to cum, on others, I don't want to start all over... I have thought about asking for a ruined orgasm as a compromise, but also about being denied much longer. Princess Shelle is playing with my mind and she's so good at it... I admire her for that...

I have visited friends in the afternoon and had some distraction, but that also meant, that I had to edge at their place. I tried to stroke in the bathroom, but hearing them talk only a few steps away was too distracting and it somehow did not feel right, so I skipped this one.
I now had to make it in the evening if I didn't want to fail. I arrived home just in time and enjoyed the edging.

I checked my mails afterwards and found an answer to my love message. Princess Shelle liked it. I'm so happy, it feels so good to please her...

Hypnotic Prison has been released a few minutes ago and I'm dying to listen to it. The description sounds great and I'm more than ready to fall deeper under Princess Shelle's control. I'm sure there will be something interesting to tell tomorrow...

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