The lucky number

I was woken by my email alert once again this night. Princess Shelle had answered to my lucky number... I had expected that it had to do with chastity, but I was wrong. I chose 18, so that will be the number of different files I have to listen to during the next 7 days. Looks like I'll spend a lot of time in trance in the next days...
In her email, Princess made a bit fun of me being in this predicament. This turned me on so much! I have read it a couple of times today and each time my cock got rock hard.

One of todays assignments was to listen to my favorite file from the farm assignment again. I can't say which one I like more, Obedience Training or Domina 24 Hours, so I decided to listen to both as the first two files. I started with Domina 24 Hours in the evening. It took me deeper than ever before and I felt so submissive and horny afterwards.
I had the permission to edge for paying my monthly obligation and after the session was the perfect time to do so. I took my time and enjoyed it a lot.

I will listen to Obedience Training in bed and fall asleep with Mind Numbing Sleep. I'm going to listen as much as possible this weekend to get a bit ahead of my schedule...

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