I have listened to Exploited a second time last night and I was again stunned, how powerful it is. I felt very submissive and in need for Domina Shelle's control when I went to bed and this morning I woke early. Unlike my usual Sunday routine, I didn't turn over and sleep a little longer. I needed to get up and do my chores!
After a quick coffee, I got dressed in my maids uniform, put on my make-up and wig and started cleaning. I only had a short break to cook lunch and then continued until my feet hurt too much in my 6" heels. I allowed myself to take them off to wipe the floor, but I put them on again after I finished.

Since I was already dressed up, I got a little creative and made a new header picture for my Twitter. It's a representation of my position at my Owner's feet, where I belong.
I'm quite happy with the result...

I did some ballet-boot training in the evening. I can stand in them quite comfortable now, but I still have to bend my knees a bit. I even managed to walk a few steps, not much, maybe 20 meters, but I'm getting more secure and my progress is motivating me to continue training. I only stopped, because my ankles started to hurt and I didn't want to injure myself.

I will listen to Exploited again in bed. I'm looking forward to fall deeper into Domina Shelle's control, but also to get an opportunity to masturbate a bit since there were no other stroking instructions today...

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