A sore butt

I woke up with sore muscles in my butt from wearing high-heels and ballet-boots for so long yesterday. It felt a bit like having been spanked and I quite enjoyed that feeling.
When I returned home, I was in the mood for more and so, I took a heavy paddle and started to spank myself. I continued until my arms got tired and I couldn't spank hard enough any more. I looked into the mirror to check the result, but it doesn't look as sore as it felt. The ache in my butt-cheeks had doubled and I felt it with every movement. I always love the mood I'm in after a spanking. I felt calm and relaxed, perfect to fall into trance.
I listened to Exploited once more and I fell even deeper this time. My whole body felt like it was far away and when Domina told me to stroke, my cock felt numb. Even if I'd wanted to, I would have been unable to cum or even edge!
I'm still undecided if I should take the opportunity to cum after listening 7 times. On some days, I want to stay chaste, but other times, I'd like to cum and reduce my ruined-orgasm count. I think, it will be best to let Domina decide...


  1. love a photo to see how red it is
    nicely done

    1. I tried to take a photo, but it was hard to see. More swelling than reddening. Had some blue spots the next day...
      But I once posted a pic after a spankingmachine-session on twitter: https://twitter.com/ShellesPuppy/status/749658967794679808