Brainwashed Addiction

Domina Shelle's new file Brainwashed Addiction is somehow special. With 20 minutes, it is rather short and I think, I didn't fall as fast as with other files, but judging from the amnesia effects I experience, I must have been very deep.
There are two versions, one with few effects and one with many. I always love binaural beats and when Domina's voice is panning back and forth and so I listened to the later one.
I'm getting confused when I try to think about the session, the only thing I know is, that She made sure, that nobody can take me into trance and program me without Her permission.
I haven't listen to any other hypnotist than my Owner and Lady Helena since I became Her slave. It has been one of Her rules and She made sure, that I'll never break this rule. It's like a chastity device for my brain that prevents me from cheating...

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