Living on the Edge

Domina Shelle's new file Living on the Edge is such a tease! I have some difficulties to remember the exact order of what happened, but She teased me with having me grab my cock without moving, then stroking very slowly, only to render my hand heavy and paralyzed again. She did this a couple of times while She was firing my arousal with Her sexy voice.
She also woke me up twice during the session, or at least I thought, I was awake...
The first time must have been half way through the recording. At first, I felt awake, but She kept talking and a bin-aural sound was playing in the background. Soon I felt like my mind was being dragged back and I was on the edge of falling back down. With every second, it got more difficult to keep my eyes open and when my Owner finally told me to close them, I fell rapidly back into a deep trance.
The second time was late into the recording. I thought, that the file was about to end and was already about to get up, when the sleep trigger surprised me. I dropped instantly and was back in Her realm.
When I finally woke up for real, I had an irresistible urge to stroke. Domina has strengthened my desire to edge without cumming with this recording and She instructed me to edge three times in a row every day. She gave me the option to cum after the first time, but as Her chastity-slave, I will not be using this. I don't want to have a choice about that!

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