Lots of teasing

I had one of those dreams again, where girls try to seduce me. This time, there were three girls and my dream was centered around their legs and hosiery. One of them was wearing white stockings with garters, the other had fishnet-stockings and the third wore black pantyhose with some kind of pattern. I was driving them somewhere in my car and they made sure, that I could see a lot of their legs.
I don't remember much more and I can't explain, why I suddenly have so much of those dreams, but whatever reason this have, I love it!

Domina Shelle had a discount on her website today. Buy one file, get a second one for free. So I browsed the categories and quickly found Fantasy House Dungeon - Sissy. From the same category, I chose Fantasy House - Helpless as my free file.
I listened to the sissy file in the afternoon and it exceeded my expectations! I had been in Domina Shelle's Fantasy House once before for puppy training, but this time, She led me to another room, where She transformed me into Her lesbian lover. She had me lay on Her bed and began to tease me very slowly, first with Her fingers, then with Her mouth and tongue. My arousal grew quickly, but it felt different. The feelings didn't come from my cock, but from deeper inside, like if I had a pussy.
Domina made me so horny, that I was moving my hips, craving for more. She finally took a double-ended dildo and fucked both of us with it. I could feel every sensation She described and when She told me, I had a wonderful mental orgasm.

It took me a while to come back from this trance and I continued to feel the bliss after I woke up. Not much later, the new file The Allure was available on Her website. I bought it immediately, but waited until the evening to listen to it.
The induction is a bit different in this session. Domina tells a story and while listening to it, I got so caught by it, that I didn't notice, how deep I was falling. At one point, a rythmic music started and this brought me all they way down into a deeper trance than I had every experienced before. It felt like drifting back and forth between daydreaming and being at the verge of sleep and I could see everything She described in vivid images. Her sexy storytelling had the desired effect on my and when She told me to get hard, my cock sprang to attention within a second. I don't remember all the details from the story, but I can tell, that it was highly erotic and I can't wait to listen again.
She also taught me a new trigger (or did I know this already and it was just a reinforcement?) that will help me to return to that deep trance and I'm looking forward to the feeling of falling fast and deep when She will use it on me!

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