Extended chastity

My chastity month has ended and I'm surprised, how easy it was. There have only been a few times, were I was desperate to stroke and most of the times, I could find some kind of distraction.
Domina Shelle has allowed, that I stay in chastity until my next call with Lady Helena. We are planning to have a call in the next days, but in the past, there have often been circumstances, that forced us to postpone our sessions. Not knowing, how long I'll have to stay chaste adds an interesting element of uncertainty, which is quite thrilling.
Since Lady Helena had so much fun controlling my spanking-machine last time, I have built a web-control for a dog shock-collar that I'll be wearing around my thigh (or balls if I don't chicken out). I'm a little scared about that thing, because the kind of pain it delivers is not enjoyable, but I'm also excited about having Her use it. Unlike the spanking-machine, were I have a second to prepare myself while the arm goes back, these shocks will be without forewarning and She can also change the power-level without me knowing.
I'm looking forward to this session a lot! Lady Helena said, She'll drive me insane, sounds like She has a plan already and I can't wait to find out!

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