Chastity surprise

Domina Shelle's new file Brain Fried continues the theme of the previous sessions. After taking me down into deep trance, She began to tease me and at the same time, make me helpless. When She let me realize, that I was totally unable to move, it was already too late. It's not like I would have fought against it, but I always enjoy the sensation, when the effect sets in and this time, I totally missed the moment.
So I lay there, helplessly enduring Her teasing and, of course enjoying it immensely. Having not touched for 5 weeks made it even easier for Her to make me horny and desperate. I was already looking forward to being brought to a mind-orgasm like I have experienced in previous sessions, but things took an unexpected turn, when She suddenly installed Her virtual cock-cage on me. It's not the first time, She has done this, but this time, there's no time-limit, no hint, when She will release me again.
I'll have a call with Lady Helena on Tuesday. She'll be controlling my spanking-machine again, but also a dog shock-collar and my Lovense Hush buttplug. We had scheduled this session, because She couldn't let me stroke last time and now, I'm in chastity again... I don't want Her to be disappointed, so I'll ask my Owner for permission that She can unlock me for our call.
It's like Domina has been reading my mind. I was going to beg Her for more chastity after the call and now the new session has given me exactly this and just at the right time. In such moments, I sometimes ask myself, how many of my desires are really my own or if I am just following Her instructions without knowing. I can't say for sure, but it doesn't matter. I'm happy being Her slave and I don't have to worry, because I love what She does to me and I love Her for what She does to me...

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