Mind orgasm

Time for an update...
My Owner released Her newest file Pussy Obsession on Saturday and as always, I listened as soon as I could. Like the title says, it's all about being obsessed about Her pussy. The smell, the scent, I experienced everything vividly during this trance. I had to skip the stroking instructions again, because I'm still in my chastity month, but as before, Domina's words caused a strong mind-orgasm, this time, I was even closer to spurting, than before.

There's something very special about having a mind-orgasm. It feels like the very moment when I get over the edge, just before I start to spurt, but it's somehow in slow-motion and I can savor every moment. I'm not falling into that emptiness like after a regular orgasm, but my arousal stays and as long as my Owner tells me to keep cumming, I can ride that wave.

Speaking of my chastity month... I only have one more week to go and I'm surprised, how easy it still is. There are those moments, where I would love to stroke, usually when I lay in bed at night and my fantasy is running wild, but my mind has accepted, that I can't have that and I love that feeling more every day.
That's probably the reason, why I made a new commitment without thinking about it... After our last spanking-session, Lady Helena said, She'd like to do that again, when I'm allowed to stroke and so, I have asked to stay in chastity until our next session. I want to be in a very horny and compliant state for that occasion and a part of me secretly hopes, that Lady Helena will keep me in suspense a bit.

Domina Shelle also released the monthly training-session for Her contracted slaves today. It's difficult to write about it, because I remember only fractions, like how She snapped Her fingers and how soothing the whole session was and every time I try to think more about it, it's like my thoughts come to a halt. ... ... ... I just sat here, staring at the text for a few minutes and trying to write more about the training session, but it's impossible. My mind went emptier the more I tried to remember things, so I'll end this entry here...

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