Start of a chastity month

Today was the start of two weeks of vacation. I had expected to be a bit lazy and spread my due chores over the days, but something was very different today. I needed to please my Owner by being a hard-working maid and so, I spent most of the day outside with gardening, oiling the furniture and tidying up. Each time I sat down for a break, one thought crossed my mind: "What can I do next?". And so, I was back at work way sooner than I had planned.
Slave yoko said, this might be an effect of the new brain-chip implant called 'Excellence', but I haven't listened to that yet. I'll listen to it before going to bed tonight and judging from what he said, I'll probably be even busier tomorrow.

I got an email from my Owner in the afternoon. She accepted my chastity offering, so for the next 30 days, my only pleasure will be from anal stimulation. I'm allowed to listen to all the sissy-files, but when I'm told to stroke, I'll have to fuck my sissy-ass instead.
I have managed to stay chaste for over half an year before, but I was allowed to stroke and edge. The longest I ever went without touching has been two weeks and I only got a glimpse of how it must feel to be really desperate. I'm looking forward to this experience, I think it will be intense, but I want to know how real desperation feels...

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