A message from my Owner

I wasn't in the mood to get up at all, when the alarm went off this morning. I hit the snooze button and was about to turn around and sleep a few more minutes, but somehow, I had the urge to check my emails. I didn't expect any new emails and so, I was even more excited then usually, when I found one from my Owner. I contained no text, only a link to an mp3 file.
My first thought was, that I didn't have time to listen to a session in the morning and that I would have to spent the whole day with the anticipation, but then, my curiosity won and I decided to download it at least and see, how long it is. I think, my subconscious mind had already decided to listen, but when I saw, that the file was only a few minutes long, I also consciously decided to listen to it.
"Hi My maid marta, I wanted to send you something special... something that will make you feel so good..."
OMG! My Owner had recorded a voice message for me! Hearing Her soothing voice and the background tracks made me horny immediately and all tiredness was gone.

I can't imagine a better start into the day. I don't know if Domina Shelle had put some subliminal messages into the file or if it's just the fact, that I haven't stroked for almost 3 weeks, but my arousal didn't fade for the entire day. Even at work, it was there in the back of my mind and whenever I took a short break and tried to relax my brain a bit, my thoughts drifted back to Her and my cock grew hard.
I stayed in this state for the entire day and while I love this feeling, it has also been the 'hardest' day of my chastity month so far...

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  1. You is lucky for Your owneris fantastic to be owner live is bad😏