Dangerous Pleasure

Domina's newest session is called Dangerous Pleasures. She released it already yesterday, but I had guests, so I had to wait with listening until today. As always, Her induction worked perfectly and I was soon drifting into a mindless sleep.
From the moment I realized, that this session is about chastity, I got horny, my cock stiffened and it stayed this way throughout the recording. Domina Shelle implanted a powerful new suggestion in my mind. From now on, I will fall into a hypnotic sleep every time I get close to the edge. This will make me unable to finish and I will stay in this trance state until my arousal fades. I will be totally unable to cum without my Owner's explicit instructions!
Unfortunately, I couldn't test the suggestion due to my chastity month, but I'm sure, that it will work perfectly, since this is something, I have fantasized about before!

Instead, I stayed in a super-horny state for the rest of the day. I'm only a week into this chastity month and this recording is already making it very hard. I know now, why Domina said, that I would be going nuts...

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