Ruined orgasm

I have listened to Leak In Your Head again this afternoon and this time, all parts of my mind wanted to cum. As soon as the sound of dripping water started, I got hard and horny. I can remember more details from this time and now I know, that my Owner created that connection between the dripping water and my arousal later in the recording.
When She started to talk about approaching the edge, my orgasm started in my mind and when She finally told me to cum, my cock started spurting, too. Like I agreed with Her, I stopped stroking immediately and ruined my orgasms.
This partial relief calmed down my arousal for about two hours. Afterwards, I started to feel horny again, but at a level, that I'm able to endure. I also didn't feel as emptied like after a normal orgasm. It's a great method to calm down my arousal without ruining all the desire that I have built up. I wonder, how long it will take, until I'm desperate again...
I have had two ruined orgasms now, still eight to go until I can have a full orgasm again. With the current frequency of cumming, this might take a year, but I don't care. My Owner decides, when and how I get sexual pleasure and I'll be happy with whatever she chooses...

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