More details about my contract

I have been asked to give some more details about my lifetime contract, so here they are...

It didn't take long after I signed my first contract (which ran for a year), until I realized, that the relationship, I was building with my Owner was exactly what I had been looking for. To be more precise, I didn't really know, what I had been looking for, but I felt so deeply contended with serving Her, that I knew, I had found my destination. And so, I had soon taken the decision to ask for a lifetime contract as soon as my old one ran out. I was euphoric, when Domina Shelle said, that I'm ready for lifetime slavery and we began to work out the details.

My contract expresses my desire to be molded into the slave, She wants me to be, so I can serve Her and meet Her expectations. This includes doing my mantra twice a day and wearing my collar as often as possible as well as staying chaste for Her. I may not have sexual pleasure without Her permission and there's a fee for cumming or failing with chastity.

Additionally to my old contract, there's now a paragraph about my duties as maid marta. As maid marta, I'll have to follow my Owner's clothing instructions and provide maid services at least twice per month. This can either be by cleaning my own flat thoroughly or by paying a maid service for Domina Shelle. She may call on my for more services as She sees fit.

Finally, the contract states, that none of the instructions may interfere with career or family and it lays out the conditions under which it can be terminated. While Domina can terminate it at any time, I would have to pay a fee in the unlikely case, that I should ever want to end this...

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  1. Thanks for giving us more details. It must be a rush to be so owned like that. Thanks for your blog, too.