Leak in your head

I have been incredibly horny the last days and without permission to stroke, I tried to resort to anal stimulation. I fucked myself with a dildo a couple of times, trying to stimulate my prostate. It felt good and my cock was dripping a bit, but I couldn't keep going long enough to milk myself.
I have worn a prostate-massager over night, hoping that it would trigger a wet dream, but the only effect was, that I was even hornier this morning.

When I got up and checked my emails, Domina Shelle had already released this weeks file. The description of Leak In Your Head doesn't give away much of the content, but I was still hoping for stroking instructions, so I couldn't wait long to listen.
As the session started, my Owner told me to unzip my pants and get my cock out and I eagerly obeyed. I was so ready to stroke, but She told me to put my hands by my side and started a long induction, which took me very deep.
The next thing, I remember, was that She told me to stroke to the sound of dripping water. The speed was slow at first, but after a while, the drops got faster and so did my stroking. When I realized, that She would make me cum, I first didn't want to, but my urge grew with every stroke and finally, I was trying to get to the edge with the speed of the dripping water.
When she told me to cum, I wasn't far away. I would only have had to stroke a bit faster for a few seconds, but the drips kept their pace and finally slowed down and then stopped. I had missed my opportunity to cum, I didn't even manage to edge...
I'm not sure about the rest of the file. I remember her talking about fixing a leakage of my thoughts, but I'm not sure, what she did to me. But I trust, that it is good for me and will help me to improve and be a better slave for Her...

After I woke up, I felt frustrated. The urge to stroke had at least doubled and my cock grew hard on every little sexy thought or image. I need to listen and try again!

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