Permission to edge

I have listened to Brain Chip - Simple Logic once again this evening. I remember, that Domina Shelle woke me up during the recording and continued to talk softly. My eyes were open and I could move, but I wasn't really able to think about what was happening. It's hard to describe, a part of my mind was awake, while another part seemed to be still in trance and while my Owner was talking, my thoughts quickly got cloudy and I was soon back in deep trance.
After the session ended, I was again confused. I was still locked in virtual chastity, but her programming required me to edge. Luckily, I got an email from her not much later and she allowed me to stroke and edge. I took my time and enjoyed every minute of it, after being locked up for 8 days.
This chastity week made me feel so connected to my Owner, that I asked her, to lock me up again. I'm now looking forward to her response. Will she lock me again and how long will it be this time?

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