Preparing my Collaring

I was pleasantly surprised as I found an email from Lady Helena in my inbox. She sent me a file with a strap-on training assignment, that I have to do before listening to her new file that she will release tomorrow. I'm getting horny from thinking about what she will make me do, but I wait until tomorrow.
I had a quick call with my owner to speak about my collaring. We just talked normally and she didn't hypnotize me, but at one point, my mind drifted off again. When I told her, she started to quickly take me deeper for a short trance. She made me repeat sentences like 'I love my Domina' and talked about how I would serve her as her maid.
My next task is to buy a dog-tag and a collar. She sent me a link to a beautiful pink collar, but that shop doesn't deliver to Germany, unfortunately. I'm now searching for something that comes close and send the link for her approval...

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