The session for today was Obedience is pleasure. I love it, when my Domina decides, which file I listen to, I always have difficulties to choose one. I didn't remember it, but this session also uses images of a tropical beach, although this time, my Owner tells the story from her perspective. I could imagine the details in vivid pictures, but my memories end at the point, where she really started to take me down.

I was pretty horny after waking up again, but I had to wear clamps on my nipples every time I stroked today. I chose a pair of plastic clothespins, these hurt the most and this made sure, that I didn't masturbate too long. After 10 minutes, the pain was subsiding a bit, but I knew, that from this point on, every minute more would add to the pain when I removed the clamps. I continued a bit longer, but in the end, it got too difficult to concentrate and I stopped and removed the clamps. It hurt a lot and I could only remove them slowly.
I tried to masturbate again later in the evening, but my nipples were still too sore and I stopped after two minutes. This is a really effective method to prevent too much stroking...

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