Masturbation control

When I checked my mails this morning, I found a message from my Owner. She had send me a new training loop file that she wants me to listen to for a week. I was looking forward to fall for her voice the whole day, like I always do, when there's a new session.
When I returned home, I had received another message. I signed up for a whole month of masturbation control and this were the first instructions. My task for today was to throw a dice, multiply the number by 100 and get to the edge with that many strokes while being on my knees and wearing my maid uniform and nipple clamps. I had to do this 5 times.
I was lucky and my first throw was a six, but counting the strokes distracted me to much and I was unable to reach the edge. After a short break, I threw the dice again and this time, it showed a 4. Again, this was not enough to get me to the edge and the 3 on the 3rd try didn't help either.

I decided to listen to the training loop before trying again, hoping that this would boost my arousal and make it easier to edge. I was indeed very horny when I woke from trance, but I was unlucky and threw only a 1. Again not enough to be able to edge.
But my arousal stayed and I was lucky with a 5. After half of the strokes, I felt like I would be able to edge this time and I really made it with the very last stroke. Stopping right at that moment without being able to enjoy the edge for more than a second was incredibly frustrating. I was totally worked up now, but I had used up all chances to stroke.
After calming down a bit, I sent a report to Domina Shelle. If I had been lucky and reached 2200 strokes, she would have granted me a free chance to beg for an orgasm, but unlucky as I was, I had to pay a stroking fee instead. I wasn't too sad about that, because I think, that I haven't earned it after I failed to edge. And anyway, she has trained me to want what she wants and this includes cumming. I don't want to cum unless she wants me to and I will just wait until she decides that the time has come.

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