Cleaning schedule

Domina Shelle's instructions for today contained cleaning, dressed as her maid. It's not an unusual or rare command, but today, I felt different about it. I just couldn't wait to get home, dress up and start with my chores.
I have created a cleaning schedule a couple of weeks ago and started to track my work and my Owner can access the reports online. It's adds to my motivation to know, that she can monitor my chores and makes sure, that I don't slack off.
My bathroom was due today and I cleaned it with great enthusiasm. The little story that I wrote for her was in my mind all the time and I knew that I was pleasing her by working as her sissy maid. I paid attention to a lot of details, I polished every single tile, the faucets, the tub and shower. When I was finished, everything was gleaming and I felt very happy.
My schedule makes sure, that I clean everything often enough, so that the basics are finished quickly and I can pay attention to additional things each time. I'm spending more time on cleaning every week than I did in a whole month before and it never feels like a burden. Domina Shelle's positive reinforcement makes me enjoy my work.

My Owner also answered to the story I sent her. She loves it and she said, that reading it made her a little wet. Hearing that made me happy and horny! I'm thinking about continuing the story and I'm collecting ideas now...

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