A new assignment

I finished another chapter of my story yesterday. My Owner already read it, she likes my fantasies and gave me some hints about what could happen next.
I have put the whole story on a separate page to make it easier to follow...

When I checked my emails this morning, I found a new assignment. Domina wanted me to drink a lot of water today and every time, I needed to pee, I had to edge first.
I got out of my bed, did my morning mantra and since I already had to pee, my first edge, too.
I was fixing things outside today and since I was working in the sun, I quickly got thirsty. It didn't take long until I had to pee and this time, edging was much more difficult than in the morning. I was not very horny and my body had more important needs at that time. When I finally managed to reach the edge, I was desperate to release the pressure from my bladder, but my stiff cock made it difficult. It took a while until I could relax enough to be able to pee.
Tonight, at 8pm Her time, I'm allowed to decide to cum or sacrifice my orgasm. I'll need to stay up a little longer today and wait until it's 8pm at Her place, but I don't mind doing that for her. And I already know, that I will not cum.

I have also listened to the new session Reinforced Repetition in the afternoon. It's so difficult to tell anything about this file. I went so deep that I don't remember anything after the induction. The only thing I know is that I didn't want to wake up when it ended. I stayed in a light trance for a long time afterwards.

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