A strange dream

I have spent the weekend working on my remote control system. I built a spanking-bench and a kneeling-post, both with magnetic locks for my hands, so i will be unable to escape the torture that Domina Shelle and Lady Helena will be inflicting on me. I have also added a servo-motor with a lever that can be mounted above my bed and be used to pull on nipple-clamps. I haven't tested it yet, but i'm pretty sure that it's strong enough to pull even clover-clamps off. Now i can barely wait to try it with my superiors. Domina Shelle said, that She wants to be the first to try it, so Lady Helena will have to wait a bit...

Saturday evening, i listened to Domina's newest session. It's a brain-chip implant called Guinea Pig and She only wrote that it will install a new fetish, so i was very curious to find out what this would be. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so i'm not going to write about details, but even if it's something that i normally don't like, i found myself browsing for pictures afterwards and getting aroused by them. I'm once again amazed about the power of Domina's suggestions and also a bit relieved, that it will wear off after 3 days, even if it's something rather harmless.

Last night i listened to the hands-free training like i have done most nights lately. After the file had ended, i tried to fall asleep, but i was so horny and my thoughts were running wild, that i couldn't. No wonder after more than a month of chastity, with only very few stroking... But i want to test my limits this time and won't give up.
When i finally fell asleep, i had a strange dream. It was from the perspective of my male self, but there was also maid marta. We were sitting in front of a mirror and Domina asked us, whether we are the same person. While maid marta agreed, i wasn't sure. Did my mind want me to tell, that i secretly want to slip deeper into this role? So far, i have enjoyed the role-play and being treated like a girl, but i don't feel female... i'm going to asked my Owner for advise...

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