Christmas assignment

Since Monday, i am doing a Christmas assignment for Domina Shelle and Lady Helena. Besides other small tasks, i had to edge as often as possible each day, starting with 10 minutes on Monday and increasing the time by one minute each day. First, i enjoyed the edging, but it soon became very frustrating and stopping at the right moment became easier each time.
The rest of the days, i have been very horny, wanting to stroke slowly and enjoying it instead of hurrying to get close to the edge, but the edging was the only touching allowed.

Saturday night, i listened to Domina's new file Power of Suggestion. There are two versions, but since i'm doing the assignment, i had to choose the chastity-version. I didn't mind it, though, i always like Domina's chastity files!
The session is the perfect tease. Domina induced vivid images of Her slavegirls teasing me, while i was helplessly paralyzed. I would have loved to listen again today, but it's a day of rest. No touching, no listening to hypnosis and i should try not to think of my Owner and Lady Helena. Of course, this is impossible, the two are always present in the back of my mind.

I have also worked on my remote control box. I padded the spanking-bench and built a small fucking-machine that's mounted to the other end of the bench. I also connected my e-stim device.
I can't wait to try all the toys with my Owner and Lady Helena!

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