My birthday present

Today was day 10 of the Christmas assignment. Two days left and i'm looking forward to not having to edge any more, this is driving me crazy! I started the day with putting on red stockings and panties like required by the assignment and continued working on my remote control devices. I added thigh-cuffs to the stirrups on the spanking bench and another electromagnet to the far end, so my hands will be locked overhead. So when my superiors are using the fucking machine on me, i'll be unable to move away or free myself.
My kneeling-post now has a strap that goes around the knees and another one around my chest. I did a quick test with the timer set to 5 minutes and that was already very uncomfortable. Most of my weight is on my knees in this position and i'm unable to shift my position by more than a few centimeters. I think i'll add some compartments where my knees are to fill in rice... I'm already looking forward to be locked into it by Domina Shelle or Lady Helena.

Yesterday, Domina Shelle sent me the custom file that She made for me as a birthday-present. I had asked Her for a session that i could listen to while being tied up with a timed release and She outdid Herself with it!
I was too tired Yesterday to try it, but this evening, i tied my feet and hands to the sides of the bed, set the timer to one hour, put a blindfold on and started the file.
Before putting me into trance, She set the mood by telling me, that i'd wake up in the morning, still tied up and the timer hadn't freed me. I played along and struggled against the restraints until She told me to relax and started to put me into trance.
Soon i was in my role as maid marta, inside a nicely decorated room and watched myself in a mirror. I saw a beautiful girl wearing a short black dress and it didn't take long before Domina entered the room. We undressed each other and She led me to the bed where She had me lie down on my back.
She started to caress and tease me and i could relate very well relate to the descriptions of how She touched my breasts and nipples. After a while, She traced Her fingernail downwards, applying just enough pressure to invoke a slight pain, followed by Her soft lips and tongue. I was in a bliss, i could vividly imagine every touch and got hornier with every word.
She finally reached my pussy and started to fondle me with Her fingers before putting on Her strap-on. When She started to fuck me, i could feel the sensation behind my balls like if Her dildo was moving inside my body. But She didn't let me cum, She put me in chastity for the next seven days instead... i would be required to cum on Friday as the end of the Christmas assignment, so i'm not sure, what instruction to follow, but it's a lucky coincident that we'll have a call that day, so She can decide. I would not mind to stay chaste for Her...
After denying me, Domina ended the session by whispering some more phrases that made me even hornier, made me want to clean and to serve Her, than i was left restrained...
I stayed in a light trance and soon, i had lost all perception of time. I started to wonder when the release would be triggered, struggled a bit against the restraints and normally and savored the burning arousal inside me. I started to get the impression that the 20 minutes that would have been left after the session should be over already and started to wonder if my release had failed. A total mindfuck!
Finally, my hands were freed and i started to wake up completely.

I couldn't imagine a more perfect session! It has everything i like, bondage, feminization, chastity and maid training suggestions. I will listened to it often, it's the perfect addition to any selfbondage-session!
I'm very very grateful that Domina made this session for me, She put so much work into it and i can't thank Her enough. SHE'S AWESOME!!!!!

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