What a day!

Sometimes there are days, that feel like a milestone in my submission to my beloved Owner. Yesterday was one of them...

In the early afternoon, when i finally could be sure to be undisturbed, i started by listening to Blind Dominance. I had listened to this file already, but back then, i was in chastity and couldn't follow through with the instructions.
In this file, Domina Shelle describes a fantasy, where She sneaks into my life and at one point, She instructed me to stroke. But there was a twist... the hornier i got, the slower i had to stroke. Even though i had no intention to cum when i started listening, i was so turned on and frustrated by the end of the file, that i was eager to follow the final instructions. Domina instructed me to speed up stroking while Her voice faded away and the file ended. She said, that I'd be unable to stop until i came... i still didn't want to cum at that point, but i had no choice...
While i was still stroking after the file had ended, i started to think about another assignment for today. Domina had described a scene, where She sit's on Her bed and i kneel between Her legs. She wanted me to fantasize about what would happen next, write it down and send it to Her. I was in the perfect mood to do this and my fantasies were all about how She'd use this situation to tease and frustrate me. While i was denied in my fantasy, in reality, i had no choice, but to continue stroking until i came.

Later in the evening, i had a call with Domina Shelle. We were going to unwrap our packages from the shopping-spree we had done a while ago. I regretted a bit having cum earlier, because i wanted to be horny for Her, but hearing Her voice immediately fixed that. Within seconds, i was so horny again, that i could barely control my hands. Luckily, She didn't let me wait long and let me stroke. But when She asked me, whether i wanted to cum, i begged Her to deny me. And that's what She did... i'm not going to cum without Her explicit permission and this will not be before Christmas...
Domina was first to open Her packages. Hearing the joy in Her voice as She unpacked Her new shoes and panties brought a huge smile on my face and made me feel extremely happy!
Then it was my turn. I got three pairs of panties, one red, one turquoise and a pink one with attached garters. And i also got two pairs of stockings, black and brown.
I told my Owner, that i was going to wear the panties with the garters and stockings to bed and that i was planning to tie myself up while listening to some of Her sessions.
She liked the idea, knowing how horny this would make me and asked me, if i had already decided on a file. I hadn't and so i asked Her for a suggestion. She not only chose a session for me, but She sent me even four files! Two of them were completely new to me and one is a remastered version of a file i have. She is so generous!!!

After we finished our call, i began to prepare a set of medical restraints to tie myself up with. Initially i had planned to use a time-release, but Domina's playlist was 3 and a half hours long and i knew, that i wouldn't be able to lay on my back with little ability to shift position for that long. So i kept the magnetic key in reach and started listening.
The restraints must have helped me to go deep into trance, because i can't remember a thing of the first session, not even the induction. I only knew, that i woke up at some point and needed to move badly. I'm used to sleep on my side and couldn't stand lying on my back any more. So i released myself and continued listening. I was gone again immediately and woke up much later in the night, with the playlist still running on loop.
As Domina Shelle had predicted, i was super-horny, but only half awake and so, i fell back to sleep immediately after removing the headphones. The rest of my night was filled with very kinky dreams. I remember very little details, just that there was some toilet-slavery involved, but when i woke up, i felt a burning arousal. I love it, when Domina's plan comes together...

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