A new assignment

I woke up early and like I do every morning, I read the daily assignments and checked my emails. I was delighted to find a reply from my Owner. She was pleased with my report for the weekend-assignment, but She also told me, that She won't unlock me, yet. Instead, She gave me a new assignment for the next 7 days.
This one will keep me busier and even more focused than the last one. The biggest change is, that I'm not allowed to wear any male clothing at home, so I'll either have to be naked or in my sissy clothing.
Then, after these 7 days, I'll be allowed to beg and maybe Domina will let me cum...

Since it's close to Halloween, Domina also told me to give myself a puppy name and the first name is was thinking about was Paco. It turned out, that this was a good choice... Domina Shelle loves it since Her mom had a dog with the same name...
I think, She might be planning some kind of puppy-play for Halloween and there will also be a new Farm Assignment. I'm excited already, this will be a lot of fun for sure!

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