I had a surprise in my Inbox yesterday morning, an assignment from my Owner...
I was excited immediately, because in the past, Her assignments had always contained some stroking instructions, but She made it explicit, that I must not touch.
My tasks are not difficult or time-consuming, but they make sure, that I'll be thinking about Domina the whole weekend and after one day of doing the assignment, I can say, that not only does it keep my mind focused on Domina Shelle, it also allows me less distraction from chastity.

This afternoon, I listened to Domina's new session. Misdirected is different from the sessions I know. She used a confusion technique to take me into trance, saying things like 'don't focus on how relaxed you get'. Of course, trying not to focus did the opposite and without really noticing it, I was soon in a deep trance.
The next thing I remember is Domina erasing my memories about the session. It wasn't the first time, I have experienced amnesia suggestions, but I always had a rough idea of what She had done to me. This time is different... I don't even remember Her conditioning me in any way, but I'm sure She did... all i know is, that I'm thinking about ways to please my Owner even more now.
The session ended with stroking instructions, that I couldn't follow, but Her words brought me to the edge without touching.
It took a while to regain my senses after the session ended and I just lay there for a couple of minutes, suffering from my arousal and unable to think straight. Even if I can't remember much, I love how I felt afterwards and can't wait to listen again...

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