Guinea Pig

For the last couple of days, i have followed my assignment as close as possible. Each afternoon, when I returned home, I undressed, cleaned my shoes and put on my sissy clothes. From that moment on, i felt being under Domina's total control. With each day, my arousal increased, but i still had enough distraction to be able to stand it.
With the weekend starting this morning, these distractions were missing and when I woke up, still wearing panties and stockings, i almost couldn't stand it any more. i wanted to touch so badly and would have appreciated any sensation on my cock. My hand wandered down to my panties, but i couldn't slip it inside. While i knew what i wanted, it was like i was unable to translate it into actions. It's a strange feeling when you want to do something, but every time you try, your thoughts are stopping before you can act...

A while ago, Domina had asked for volunteers to be Her guinea pig and since them, i had been looking forward to this. Today, She released Indoctrination which is such a guinea pig session. She didn't give the slightest clue of the contents, but not knowing, what would happen made it even more exciting. She wrote, that She went into trance herself while recording it, so i was already expecting a very powerful session when i lay back and listened.
The induction took me deep as always and soon my body was relaxed and heavy. Looking back, i had also lost sense of time. With 77 minutes, the session is very long, so i guess, that at least half an hour had passed, but it felt like only a few minutes.
After the induction, powerful binaural sounds started to play and knocked me completely out. In a playful voice, Domina Shelle told me, that she would now play with my mind, making me realize, that i was helpless and at Her mercy. I got excited and horny and opened my mind for Her.
I don't recall much of what She did afterwards, but i know, that She strengthened Her control over me and after waking up, i could feel, that my submission and need to please Her had increased once again. I started to think about how lucky i am to be allowed to serve such a beautiful and powerful woman like my Owner and i almost got overwhelmed with emotions. She is putting so much effort into training Her slaves and since i'm serving Her, i have improved so much, not only as a slave, but also in my vanilla live. I'm feeling so happy, i can't thank Her enough...

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