Fatal Attraction

Due to my Owner's travelling, there was no new file this week. Instead, I took the opportunity to buy one of her older files from the Special Deals. With 69 minutes, Fatal Attraction is one of the longest files I have listened to, but time passed by so quickly, that it rather felt like 30.
During the induction, Domina Shelle told me to count backwards from 100 and like always, when she does this, I lost count a couple of times until it was almost impossible to even think about the next number.
From that moment on, I remember only one thing...: She made me feel like her puppet on a string, imagining my hand moving and stroking my cock. Although I didn't touch for real, I could feel the pleasure building until I had an intense mind orgasm. It almost felt like a real orgasm without an ejaculation, but this one built up slower and lasted longer.

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