Can't control myself

I have listened to Triggered Hard a couple of times now and I'm starting to experience, how strong the effects are. It happened for the second time this evening, that I had told myself, that I shouldn't masturbate and a few minutes later, I caught myself stroking. I had started without really thinking about it, like someone had pressed a button, that caused me to start. I was so close to the edge, that I was worried to have an accident. I wanted to stop, but I couldn't. It took a lot of mental effort to slow down at least and when I finally managed to stop, I realized, that I had been stroking for more than two hours.

My Owner opened a sign-up to receive new Brain Chip Implants today. I registered as soon as I saw it, I'm really curious to find out, what she has in store. I love her mind control so much!!!

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