Hypnotic Brainwashing

On Saturday, Domina Shelle released Her newest file Dominance - A Hypnotic Brainwashing. I have listened a couple of times, but i'm still not capable to grasp, what it does to me. I remember going deeper and deeper and deeper and i know, that there are training suggestions in it, but i can't describe the effect. I have noticed, that i have been looking at Her pictures more often while thinking about the pleasure of being Her slave and i think my submissiveness has deepened. Whatever it is, i'm sure the file has the intended effect on my and i'm comfortable with submitting fully to what my Owner is doing, even if i don't understand.
Domina also sent an assignment to Her slaves... Edging as often as possible for one hour and then on the next day, cumming as often as possible during another hour. Since i'm in chastity for as long as i possibly can, i was a little disappointed, that i couldn't follow it. The forced draining would certainly have been interesting, but i don't regret making that chastity commitment.

I have used the Sunday afternoon to practice with the Hand Free Training and had the files running in the background while i was doing other things. I still haven't had a wet dream, but i remember having dreamed a lot during the last two nights.

Today was the first time since a while that chastity has been hard again. Especially in the evening, i was very horny and would have loved to stroke a bit, but in such moments, the feeling of being in my Owner's control is extra-strong and i love this! I think, doing the hands-free training in combination with being locked in mental chastity will be an intense experience...

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