Truth or Dare

Since Lady Helena hadn't fully recovered from here flu, yet, we didn't start our chastity challenge on Monday. We have agreed on a wager now... if i loose, i will pay Her, if i win, i'll get a free call. Of course She will punish me for winning during the call, sounds fair, doesn't it? The last days, i have been hoping for an assignment or this week's session to contain permission to cum or else, i would have to start the challenge with a little handicap and once again, Domina Shelle seems to be reading my mind and proved a perfect timing. Yesterday evening, i received an email from Her with a game of 'Truth or Dare'. If i choose truth, i'll have to tell Her the most embarrassing or naughty thing i have done sexually, for dare, i'll 'borrow' a pair of panties from someone and keep it in my car for a week and i'll also have to wear a woman's fragrance whenever i leave the house until Monday. Since i can't do the later, i'll have to chose truth... There's a second part to the assignment, i'll have to cum as often as possible during the next 3 days. This will help me a lot with the chastity challenge!

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